Hello, again I dug out something I did over a year ago… but finally got some time (during loooooog renders on the farm :P) and managed to put it together.

For some time I’ve been wondering how Quality and Maximum Simulation Steps influence the look of FumeFX simed fluids. So here I have made some comparisons Quality 5, 7 and 10 cross referenced to Maximum Simulation Steps (MSS) 1, 2, 5 and 10 (I doubt it reaches MSS 10 but still I have made it for some reason back then…). I hope that one will help to answer the question if it’s worth of diverging from default settings in Fume on those parameters.

The idea was simple, so I’ve decided that I’ll try to keep all the setup as close to default as it’s possible. For better observation purposes I have added 2 raytraced spotlights to have some shadowing going on (turned on cast and receive shadows, and a multiple scattering on with default setup). I kept it too plain and forgot to turn on global ray antialiaser and got some flickering with the render – but beauty render is not in the area of focus here ;)

Grid: 140x140x280 spacing 0,5 (adaptive grid on) (fairly large to observe it more with accuracy :)
Simulated the fuel and smoke with defaults.

1st – Quality vs MSSes
2nd – MSS vs Qualities
3rd – All together (bit cropped)
4th – Detail of alpha, comparison

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