Hello again, this time once more quick one… I think i should get used to doing fluid simulations in 2-3 days with this young talented director ;) We had literally 4 days for post of that one… Since we have finished shoot till the delivery was 5 days. It was edited during night, tweaked during layouting 3D, graded while rendering the fume fx sims, and “sounded” night before delivery – crazy carousel again. But what a fun ride :)

Also that spot led to some fun with fume. Friend of mine (flame artist that did the finishing on that one) said that it would be cool if that cauldron puffed out a stormy cloud with tiny little lightning forks coming out of it… Ye… funny. So after the delivery during the weekend I have done some RnD :) //that’d be covered in next post

My responsibility here was onset VFX supervision, and fluid simulation/rendering.

Client: Cvent
Directed by: Maciej Kawalsi & Piotr Domalewski
Written by: Maciej Kawalski
Starring: Jerusha Zachariah
DoP: Tomasz Woźniczka
Set design: Zuza Rynkiewicz & Katarzyna Lamik
Costumes: Ola Żuradzka
Make up: Anna Warot
Sound: Karol Iwan
Gaffer: Bartosz Gburek
Editing: Marek Klimaszewski
Online: Witold Wnuk
VFX: Grzegorz Ociepka
Sound design: Sebastian Włodarczyk
Executive producers: Piotr Ledwig & Michał Kowalik

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