Here’s something from the past I’ve dug up :)

Director: Bartosz Dombrowski
Agency: Eskadra Opcom
Client: Procter & Gamble
Brand: Bruno Banani
Models: Layla Anna-Lee (, Rachael Tennent (
My responsibility: on set VFX supervision, on set editing, final edit, postproduction: compositing, simulation, rendering, onlineing and sound edit. Ye, and grading too…

We have created 5 main episodes with length of ca. 5mins accompanied with 5 longer version videocasts (ca. 12mins). In addition to that there’s teaser episode and a bonus episode (girls try to flirt with Patric). After each episode we onlined interviews with the participants and the girls. Both commenting how do they plan to approach and how it went.

Campaign was launched in 18 countries
Flirt Camp episodes hit 500 000 unique views
• in Germany – the status of the best product launch in the fragrances for men segment from the portfolio of Procter & Gamble;
• in the Netherlands – the status of the best launch of a banani bruno fragrance in history;
• in Russia – the status of the best launch of a banani bruno fragrance in the fragrances for men segment, thanks to which Made for Men made the list of top 10 best-selling men’s fragrances there.

Editing was done in Avid Media Composer (on set on Ibiza it was done on Mac back at Poland it was finished on Windows). Compositing was done in both NukeX and After Effects. Simulation and rendering of the flags was done in Cinema 4D. It was a long run – mostly because we’ve shoot it from multiple angle camera setup (5-6 cams). That produced 8-12 hrs of 1080p video footage per day…  Yep it was a rough ride and very tight delivery deadlines. Production of that series took little bit over 3 months that includes 7 condensed episodes (usually focusing on two selected participants), 5 long version video podcasts and 27 interview videos.


Episode 1 – Restaurant

Episode 2 – Beach Club

Episode 3 – Swimming Pool

Episode 4 – Beach Sports

Episode 5 – Beach Bar

Episode 6 – Girls – bonus episode

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