Hiszpanka / Spanish flu

Director: Lukasz Barczyk

"Hiszpanka" is a story about the key events of the Wielkopolska Uprising - a dramatic arrival of Ignacy Jan Paderewski in Poznan, and the people who prepared the uprising, fought in it and won."


Hiszpanka has many characters and therefore the number of faces. It will not be a monument but a living image of the insurgents of the time - everyday choices, conflicts, political and social realities. Against this backdrop is the struggle for Poland. Poland understood not only as the homeland of Poles, but also as a sign of new times and new order in Europe.


My role in this project was simulation of zeppelin explosion. It was meant to be animated newspaper sorry teller element heavy stylized to blown up whites old film/newspaper photo. I have decided to simulate it in ThinkingParticles under 3DS Max. Due to time frame we had for this shot (I was not compositing it, only gave a Nuke compositing guideline setup for comping the simulation elements). I have decided not to make a cloth sim of zeppelin’s exterior thatch (thou when I was making breakdown of that shot I have regretted it – voronoi just doesn’t look good in those angles ;).

So the main concept was that bomb that drops causes the chain reaction of explosions happening below the zeppelin (bombs, ammunition, etc.) and it tears it’s massive body apart.

This is how it looks roughly comped together (in color :) Render of zeppelin body was done while I was working @ alvernia studios (if I remember correctly by MichaƂ Pancerz). Comped in Nuke, rendered (fluids part) Scanline / MentalRay. Simed in 3DS Max with Thinking Particles.

And this is final shot interluded by some making of footage (not cropped so don’t mind the edges).

That wasn’t the only shot I have made for “Spanish flu” gig. It’s just the only one worth mentioning since the others were hardcore cleanups (ie 270deg interior shot handheld with shadow removal – pure madness on heavily patterned fabric wallpaper).

Thanks for watching.

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