Hey all.  Sorry I have been away for a while.  It was kinda heavy time for me with 2 hardcore heavy (deadline wise) particle/fluid simulation work.  And the delivery of my 2nd beautiful daughter :)  So for a starter I have made a nookie just for fun on a laptop that was not that busy during last 2 months (don’t worry I have more things in render queue now, will post them soon). Fume sim was kinda RAM heavy and with only 16gigs on-board it took a while of getting data back and forth from HDD.  It took roughly 900GB of storage space of full sim (fire, smoke, velocity and extra detail if I’d need to get even closer in future). Render times up to 2hrs / frame in 3ds Max 2013 with all channels included (scanline).

Here’s Nuke graph to give you brief idea of how it was comped.
I have used NukeX 7 – it’s ZDefocus node is absolutely beautiful (thou I added just a touch of it)

In the rendered sequences you can see 1st: compo on bright BG, 2nd: compo on darg BG – those are the same composites that differentiate only by BG. Then there’s 3rd shot with slightly different compo and a closer camera angle, then another compo with different approach to colors. Then you can see a little breakdown of the composite (1. smoke/fire pure render, 2. smoke/fire colorcorrection and a touch of sharpen, 3. smoke screens fire, 4. another round of color correction, with a touch of grade threw depth, 5. vector blur applied, 6. a tiny bit of zdefocus added to the front layer of shock wave, 7. render with BG, 8. noise added). Some RND render at the back of the video.

and another one (this time with some camera movement):

Some side notes/detailed info:

Grid size: 933x933x933

Iterations: 120

Max steps: 5

Advection stirde: 0,575   //swirl of  the shroom is controlled by temperature

Temperature nuke: for first half second (or so) its fairly high 1000 deg but then it rapidly drops (10-15 frames) to 0 deg

Temperature shockwave: zero constant ;)

The explosion is driven by standard 3ds Max particles. PFlow was set with 2 emissions – first for the shockwave second for the shroom.

10k Particles / emmiter

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