Golden Splash

little spinnof from Clients work

Hello. It’s been a while since I have posted anything… You know I’ve been busy. Very busy. That’s a bit of a spinoff work that I have done for a Client. Had to replace the bottle, since it wasn’t appropriate for public display ;)

I have done over 20 simulations of which 8 were chosen and finally combined by me and Artur Szymanski into this frozen gold sculpture surrounding a bottle. I have not meshed all the frames of the sims since it’d take significantly longer time.

Simulations were made in RealFlow with Q-Solver plugin. When the behavior and look of melted gold was fixed It took couple of hrs per simulation (on pretty decent machines ;). 24 simulations were made.

Then it was combined in 3DS Max and tiny particles were added to finalize the look and feal of the frozen in time dynamic scene.

Renderer of choice was iRay ;) (thou we were considering Mantra PBR… lack of time – for rendering the making of footage pushed us towards iRay and it’s GPU power).

Compositing and ColorCorrection was done in NukeX with Optical Glow and OpticalFlares plugins.

Couple of overdone look devs ;)

Named those renders by mistake Sith Particles (should be with particles) but it gave it’s character very straight forward.

“Making of” with almost all simulations:

Turntable of almost all simulations (over 9 minutes video):


RealFlow 2015 with Q-Solver
3DS Max 2015 iRay
NukeX 10 with OpticalFlares

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