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Here’s one video I’ve wanted to share since we have made it in February. Due to it’s premiere planned for late 2013 I couldn’t publish it earlier. This clip was purchased at Alvernia Studios by organization of citizens of Cracow – one of the most beautiful cities of medieval age – concerned about city’s degradation by it’s pollution. Cracow being in top 10 most polluted cities in the world is hugely endangered. Living in Cracow is dangerous for health – alarms our Client. They claim that air pollution causes yearly more than 400 deaths.

This version is our in-house edition, bit more hardcore than one released on it’s premiere:

My responsibility was particle and fluid simulation here.
Compositing was done by very talented Marek Gajowski.

Client: Krakowski Alarm Smogowy (Eng: Cracow’s Smog Alarm)
Agency: Schulz brand friendly
Production: Wytwórnia filmowa Alvernia Studios
Year: 2013
VFX Supervisor: Mikołaj Valencja
Compositing: Marek Gajowski
FX: Grzegorz Ociepka
Sound: Michał Fojcik

Official edit:

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