Hello again!

This time I have prepared a classic crown splash. Countless times I was asked (exaggerating a bit… but still) how to or to do a droplet falling in to a pool of water and making it splash. That classic “crownie” shaped water was named around creative agencies around the world as a crown splash. So here it is beloved by all creative directors in all advertising agencies around the world. 2 Pack! I have simulated it with very high fluid resolution (more than 3.5 mil particles) then rendered it out to meet the production ready standards. I have included renders two angles of that simulation for you to chose from (or use both if your composition/imagination requires it). All of that is with alpha and a motion blur for compositing purposes and reality.

And the Video:

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or follow the link: http://videohive.net/item/crown-splash/5396120

Some screens:

Closeup side 1:

Previews side 1:

Closeup side 2:

Previews side 2:

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