A commercial shortlisted for Cannes Lions 2013 Mofilm – Chevrolet contest.

Chevrolet – Find New Roads
Client: General Motors
Agency: Mofilm

Director: Maciej Kawalski
DoP: Krzysztof Trojnar
Art Director: Zuzanna Rynkiewicz
Sound design: Sebastian Włodarczyk

Grzegorz Ociepka: On set VFX supervisor, Compositing, Simulations
Witek Wnuk: Flame artist, Compositing
Artur Szymański: 3D Chevy Logo

That gig was a piece… Everything that could go wrong went wrong :) In the end we got 4 days to complete entire postproduction including the simulation… Hence the cuts on the fluid resolution and morphing method. After the commercial there’s little breakdown of fluid I did. It was made in RealFlow 2012 with roughly 650k particles. With 4 days to complete we chose iRay to render that out. With help of Mental Ray (zDepth, uvs). In the first part of breakdown there’s 360 of the fluid in mid air than there’s compositing threw zDepth from 3 color fluid (painting colors) to 2 color one (Chevy logo colors). So the compositing I did was in NukeX than it went to Witek so it could be finished on Flame.

Composite graph:

Some pics from set and pre prod:

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